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When selling your home in Chelsfield, you should avoid adding too much creative flair where possible. We’re not advising you to entirely supress your personality of course, but to be aware that some potential buyers will have difficulty visualising themselves living in your home if it’s got a huge personality all of its own!

A well-painted, yet mostly plain canvas will allow your viewers to imagine their own belongings in the space, making the chances of them placing an offer on your property much higher.

Should I Paint my Home Before Selling?

First impressions count, and never more so than when you are selling your home. A recently painted property represents one that is loved and cared for, which will subconsciously make viewers more relaxed and at ease.

Repainting is one of the most inexpensive ways to refresh your house before putting it on the market.

Remember to complete the paintwork before the photographs are taken for the marketing of your property, otherwise, you risk your hard work being somewhat in vain!

What colours should I choose to repaint my home?

Choose blue for the colour of calm.

Time and again, blue has been voted the best colour for those looking to sell their home. Soft, pastel blues look great in every room, especially in large spaces such as hallways and living areas.

Additionally, blues are the ideal colour for your bathrooms. Blues with aqua or even silvery undertones are great for developing a water theme, without appearing excessive. 

As beautiful as they are, it is best to steer clear of turquoise or dark navy, which can often be too much for some house hunters. If these colours sit outside their personal taste, it can turn them off the property altogether.

Choose white for a completely blank canvas.

While it probably comes as no surprise, whites provide the perfect fresh canvas for new homeowners. Viewers will easily imagine their furniture and belongings in the space, helping aid a smooth selling process.

Additionally, buyers immediately know it will be easy to put their own mark on the home, knowing there are no tricky bright or dark colours to remove.

Pure bright white can feel a little clinical, so opting for something with warm undertones can be a great option to make the room a little softer. However, refrain from whites with a yellow undertone, which often appear very dated, and can give the illusion of old, stained walls.

Choose Grey for a neutral base.

Grey homes were once considered drab and boring, but new interior design trends have revitalised this colour scheme totally. Clever use of grey shades can allow you to use one colour throughout your whole property, dividing separate rooms by alternating shades.

However, when using grey, be sure to opt for lighter, brighter shades. Dark tones can make rooms appear smaller, whereas light shades will make your whole property look slick, clean and fresh.

Choose Earthy Greens to subtly bring the outside in.

Although deep greens look stunning in living spaces and bedrooms, sticking to a more subtle earthy tone can dramatically help first impressions of the home. Sage greens work beautifully in kitchens, allowing you to present a bright, fresh room to your viewers, yet permitting a little personal style to shine through. Green tones are relaxing and can be emphasised with the clever use of soft furnishings and plants.

Don’t forget about the exterior of your home

This might not be as dramatic as completely repainting your whole property, but there are many areas outside that may benefit from a coat of paint.

For example, repainting your garden fences can have a drastic impact. This might also be one of the first things your potential buyers see, guaranteeing an excellent opening impression.

Are there any paint colours I should avoid?

In our experience, brown tones perform notoriously poorly when marketing homes in Chelsfield. Although browns can be styled luxuriously and tastefully, many viewers simply struggle to imagine their own belongings against this very distinctive palette.

Additionally, browns can dramatically change based on the lighting situation, meaning viewers get a very different impression of your home depending on what time of day they view.

Also, avoid bright reds and oranges. Again, these bright colours are a fantastic way to inject personality into your home, but viewers want to see their new home, rather than your old house.

A consistent colour theme is crucial

A consistent paint theme running throughout your home is the easiest way to tie your property together, creating a cohesive experience for your potential buyers. Consider using the same paint or similar or complementary tones for the living spaces, running through the living room, hallways, dining area and even the kitchen.

Where a property has multiple bathrooms, the paintwork here should also be consistent. If in doubt, don’t be afraid of using a single neutral colour for your whole home.

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