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Chelsfield is a large village in south-east London and sout-east of Orpington, within the London Borough of Bromley.

With our flagship office at 49 Windsor Drive in Chelsfield, all the team at Langford Rae Property Agents are well informed of the local market conditions and notice the changes in stock levels, house prices and demand on a daily basis.  Aside from general conditions we are all dealing with the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit and the more recent announcement of a general election and the housing market like all other markets, is affected by this.  What we know out about the property market in Chelsfield Park in particular is quite interesting.

At the time of writing this article the average value of a property in Chelsfield is £715,353, which is not only an increase of £11,606 in the last three months but also £159,342 above the average for Orpington as a whole. 

As we would expect, the roads within Chelsfield Park are towards the top of the list of ‘roads with the highest average house value’.  Focusing on Homstead Road in particular, the average price for property in Homestead Road currently stands at £1,521,572, which has risen by 1.33% in the past three months.  The average price for property in neighbouring Oxenden Wood Road is slightly less at £1,386,028.

With wide plots, large gardens and in many cases properties requiring major renovation work, there is always a lot of building work being undertaken within Chelsfield Park.  A lot of the 1930’s bungalows are being knocked down and replaced with houses offering a significant increase in accommodation.  Some local residents are increasing the footprint with side and rear extensions and others looking to excavate and take advantage of the space below their property.

We have been helping people buy and sell property within ‘the Park’ since we opened our office back in 1986.  If you’re looking to buy a home in Chelsfield Park, please do contact us to register your interest.  We are regularly meeting with local property owners looking to sell their existing ‘plot’ or developers ready to sell their recent projects.

Properties in Chelsfield Park generally tend not to be rented out but due to being within walking distance of Chelsfield Station and its close proximity to junction 4 of the M25, Orpington Town Centre, Sevenoaks, and an array of schools it is very popular with those looking to reside in Chelsfield without the long-term commitment of a mortgage.  The area has recently been designated as an "Area of Special Residential Character" in the Bromley Local Plan which has added to its appeal.

If you own a property in Chelsfield and would like to discuss your options of selling or letting the property please telephone our office today, on 01689 862 770, or visit us on Windsor Drive.

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