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The topic of SDLT has surged back into the spotlight, following Rightmove's appeal to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for a Stamp Duty reform in the upcoming Spring Budget. With the threshold for SDLT set at £250,000 across England—rising to £425,000 for first-time buyers—the landscape of property transactions is notably varied, particularly in regions such as Orpington and Sevenoaks, where the dynamics of the market present both challenges and opportunities.

In the specific areas served by Langford Rae Property Agents, namely the TN14 7 and BR6 postcode areas, the average property prices over the last 12 months have been recorded at £642,041 and £554,446 respectively. These figures starkly contrast with the SDLT threshold, underscoring the financial considerations buyers must navigate. Despite these high averages, it's interesting to note that up to 60% of property purchases within London fell below the SDLT threshold, suggesting a market rich in diversity and options for buyers at different price points. For more nuanced details on SDLT and its implications for residential property transactions in England, interested readers are encouraged to visit the government's official page at

Further information about the current property market conditions for the BR6 post code areas can be found here: and for the TN14 7 post code areas, can be found by clicking here:

The regional price variations observed in the market significantly affect first-time buyers, who often operate within stringent budgets. The possibility of incurring SDLT can necessitate a broader search for their inaugural home purchase. By strategising to minimize SDLT liability, first-time buyers can enhance their purchasing power—a crucial consideration that us agents at Langford Rae Property Agents emphasise in our client consultations.

Dataloft's 2023 analysis shed light on the broader picture, revealing that 75% of homes sold in England and Wales were priced below the SDLT threshold for first-time buyers. Yet, this statistic belies the substantial regional disparities present within the country. In Greater London, for instance, only 35% of homes sold fell below the threshold, juxtaposed against the 98% observed in County Durham. This data underscores a persistent north-south divide in the real estate market, yet it also highlights an evolving opportunity. With the advent of hybrid working arrangements becoming more entrenched, first-time buyers in the southern regions, including those working with Langford Rae Property Agents in Chelsfield, are increasingly positioned to contemplate relocation to the north. Such a move not only opens up a wider array of affordable housing options but also potentially allows for significant savings on SDLT, making the dream of homeownership more attainable for many.

Whether you’re looking to buy a house in Orpington, Sevenoaks or the surrounding villages, or you’re thinking of selling your Orpington or Sevenoaks property, please get in touch with us at Langford Rae Property Agents.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the stamp duty tax implications of your house move.

Source: Dataloft, Land Registry 2023

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