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Langford Rae Property Agents have found a buyer for my house and now I need to instruct a solicitor

Congratulations! Langford Rae Property Agents have successfully matched your property with a buyer, a significant milestone in the journey of selling your home. This is a pivotal moment whether you're a first-time seller, coming back into the housing market after years away, or concurrently buying your dream home in Orpington, Chelsfield, Sevenoaks, Knockholt, Halstead, or beyond. The next crucial step? Instructing a solicitor or conveyancer to handle the legal transaction of transferring property ownership. While the prospect can seem daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the process, this guide explains what's involved to best ensure you're well-prepared for what lies ahead.

In the process of buying and selling property, a solicitor or conveyancer plays a very important role. They manage the legal aspects of transferring property ownership from one party to another, a process known as conveyancing. This encompasses drafting and reviewing contracts, conducting property searches, liaising with various parties, and ensuring the legal transfer aligns with local and national laws.

Upon accepting an offer on your property, the responsibility of drafting a preliminary contract falls to you or, more precisely, your legal representative - be it a conveyance or solicitor. This contract outlines critical details, including the sale price, property boundaries, included fixtures and fittings, and any legal or planning restrictions, among other vital elements. If you're selling a property to fund the purchase of a new one, your solicitor will handle both transactions simultaneously, ensuring a seamless transition.  Some clients have a different solicitor handle the two different transactions but this isn't very common.

Selecting a legal professional who is not only proficient in conveyancing but also familiar with the local housing market is paramount. Recommendations from Langford Rae Property Agents can be invaluable in this regard, as we have established relationships with reputable solicitors and conveyancers in the Orpington, Chelsfield, Sevenoaks, Knockholt, and Halstead areas. When making your choice, consider factors such as communication style, fees, and the solicitor's ability to navigate complex transactions.  You are likely to be asked to visit the solicitor at some stage, to deliver documents, show identification or sign paperwork and so instructing somebody close will often narrow your choice.

What to Expect During the Conveyancing Process

1. Drafting the Initial Contract: If you're selling a property your solicitor will prepare the initial contract, which includes all pertinent details about the transaction and will send this to your buyers legal representative.

2. Addressing Inquiries: The buyer's solicitor will review the contract and may raise inquiries, to which your solicitor will respond, potentially with your input.

3. Contract Negotiation: Should there be any areas of dispute or required clarifications, your solicitor will negotiate the contract terms with the buyer's legal representative.  Our sales progression team will also assist with this.

4. Exchange of Contracts: Upon agreement on the contract, both parties will sign and exchange final copies. This exchange legally binds both the buyer and seller to the transaction, with compensatory implications should either party withdraw.

5. Completion: The final stage sees the transfer of funds from the buyer to you, the exchange of legal documents, and the handing over of keys. Congratulations, the property now legally belongs to the buyer, and you're ready to move on to your next adventure.

The conveyancing process incurs several expenses, including solicitor or conveyancer fees, property search fees, and potentially other costs depending on the specifics of your transaction. It's important to discuss these fees upfront with your solicitor to avoid any unexpected surprises.

At Langford Rae Property Agents, we're more than just facilitators in finding buyers or your next dream home. We're partners in your property journey, offering guidance and support every step of the way. From recommending trusted solicitors to providing insights into the local housing market, we're here to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. If you're contemplating selling, contact us to arrange a market appraisal of your property. And for those looking to buy, register your details with us, and let's find your dream home together.

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