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Understanding what potential buyers prioritise during their property search is crucial for homeowners currently marketing their property for sale and those considering putting their house on the market.  In this article we refer to information collated from 2021 Census and focus on the telling data about the commuting habits of residents in this region, information that is invaluable in today’s property market.

It’s essential to acknowledge that these findings came during the COVID-19 pandemic, a period of significant change and adaptation. The pandemic has reshaped many aspects of life, including work habits. The BR6 post code areas cover Orpington, Locksbottom, Farnborough, Crofton, Green Street Green, Chelsfield, Downe, Pratt's Bottom and Well Hill.  Of the employed residents living in these areas, a staggering 48.06% of people worked from home. This shift has profound implications for what people now seek in a home.

The Rise of the Home Office

One clear trend is the growing necessity of a home office or study. With nearly half of the homeowners in the BR6 postcode areas working from home, having a dedicated space for professional activities is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. A study or home office adds substantial value to a property, appealing to the increasing number of remote workers.

For those considering selling their homes, it’s worth noting that a well-designed home office can make your property stand out in the competitive market. This doesn’t always mean sacrificing a bedroom. Creative solutions such as converting underutilised spaces or even considering a garden room build can offer the much-needed office space without compromising the home’s overall functionality.

Garden Room Builds: A Trending Solution

The concept of garden rooms as office spaces is gaining traction. These structures offer a separate, tranquil environment away from the main household, perfect for uninterrupted work. They also add a unique charm and value to a property, presenting a modern solution for space constraints. For potential sellers in the BR6 area, investing in a garden room could be a strategic move to attract buyers who are looking for that perfect balance between home and office.

Proximity to Transport Links

Despite the rise in remote working, the importance of good transport links remains. In the BR6 areas, 8.31% of residents commute by train, likely from Chelsfield, Knockholt, or Orpington stations. Properties near these stations will continue to attract buyers who commute to work or enjoy the connectivity for other reasons.

Whilst some employees have never returned to a physical office since the pandemic, others have made the adjustment to hybrid working.  We don’t have the exact statistics but at Langford Rae Property Agents, we suspect a large proportion of home workers now operate under this arrangement and having a workstation at home and being within easy access of a train station are a necessity.

The Comprehensive Appeal

While home offices and transport links are key factors, they are part of a broader picture. Today’s househunter looks for a blend of comfort, functionality, and connectivity. Homes that offer a mix of private spaces like a home office, alongside easy access to public amenities, align with the evolving needs of modern homeowners.

The Role of Expert Advice

Understanding the property market, wherever you are in the country, requires expertise. Whether you’re considering selling your home or simply exploring options, speaking with an experienced estate agent is invaluable. They offer in-depth knowledge of the local housing market, trends, and buyer preferences, guiding you to make informed decisions.

For those in the BR6 postcode areas, Langford Rae Property Agents stands as a beacon of such expertise. Our team have been helping buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants from our flagship office on Windsor Drive in Chelsfield since 1986.  Our knowledge of the local area, property prices, and both buyer and seller expectations enables us to offering tailored advice and insights to help you with your plans.  If you’re pondering over selling your property or want to understand how to enhance its value, reaching out to Langford Rae Property Agents could be your first step towards a successful sale.

In summary, the landscape of home buying and selling is dynamic, influenced by changing work habits and lifestyle preferences.  As the census data suggests, in areas like Orpington, Chelsfield, and surrounding villages where remote working has been and continues to be prevalent, adapting to these trends is key. Properties that offer functional home offices or alternative solutions like garden rooms, coupled with the convenience of being near transport links, are poised to be highly sought after.

Image by lookstudio on Freepik