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Since opening our doors in Chelsfield in 1986, at Langford Rae Property Agents we have have found that homeowners in Orpington, Sevenoaks, and the surrounding areas are always looking for ways to enhance their property's value and appeal. Among the options, the garden room has stood out as a significant game-changer for houses poised to hit the market.  According to Property Academy’s Home Moving Trends Survey 2023, 78% of buyers have stated that having a garden is a must for them.

A garden room, to put it simply, is a standalone structure nestled within the confines of a garden. It's a versatile space that can transform into anything from a home office or gym to a peaceful retreat. What sets garden rooms apart from traditional home extensions is their design. Often they’re equipped with full insulation, double glazing, and the necessary electrical and internet connections, offering year-round usability. Moreover, their appeal is heightened by the fact that they typically don't require planning permission, offering homeowners a relatively hassle-free way to extend their living space without having to sacrifice a bedroom which they may have had to do in the past.

The surging demand for garden rooms extends beyond following the current ‘trend’, it is underpinned by a solid financial rationale. 'The Motley Fool' research suggests the addition of a quality garden room can boost a property's value by an average of 5%. This is particularly noteworthy when considering the average house price in the UK currently stands at £312,415.

The average garden size in the UK measures 188 square metres and introducing a garden room that occupies a mere 16 square metres still leaves significant garden space for a patio, lawn, vegetable patch etc.

With the soon arrival of spring and its floral harbingers like daffodils and snowdrops, naturally our attention is drawn to optimising outdoor spaces. A garden room elevates the functionality and allure of our gardens and in most cases amplifying our home's value.

With an unprecedented number of people working from home, more so since the covid-19 pandemic, the need for dedicated and separate workspaces has become a priority. Garden rooms offer an ideal solution, providing a distinct separation between home and work life without the commute. This shift towards remote work has not only sustained but escalated the appeal of garden rooms, making them a highly desirable feature for today's homeowner.

At Langford Rae Property Agents in Chelsfield we have a deep understanding of the local property market and are here to guide homeowners through the options available to maximise the value of their property.  Are you thinking of selling your property, and asking “how much is my property worth?  We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free, no-obligation market appraisal of your property.