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Are Conservatories Worth It? Here Are 5 Pros and Cons...

Conservatories have their downsides, but they also have many benefits. Even though these home extensions have been around for centuries, they are still considered a modern-day renovation for many homeowners.

In this article, we’ll provide our view on what the pros and cons are of conservatories to help you decide whether installing one is worth it for you.

Pros of Getting a Conservatory
1.   Added Living Space

Most people could do with more living space in their homes. Whether that’s a private space to read, a dinner table to host the whole family, an office area, or just somewhere to store your extra furnishings. A conservatory is a great way to boost your living space and create a tranquil area of your home that feels closer to nature.

2.   Great Value for Money

Home extensions are popular – particularly among growing families to boost living space. When choosing between an extension and a conservatory, conservatories are almost always the more cost-effective option. With a conservatory, you can extend your home to the same square meterage that an extension would provide for half the price.

3.   Increased Property Value

An extension of any kind can increase the value of your property – conservatories included. Since these renovations provide a warm space to relax in summer, they can be highly desirable to buyers. If you opt for a tiled roof instead of traditional panels, you could see even more of a boost in value.

Cons of Getting a Conservatory
1.   Noise During Rainfall

When it starts to rain, conservatories can be noisy. Depending on which type of roof you have, heavy rainfall can be quite a disruption to your home environment. While tiled roofs shouldn’t be too much of an issue, a uPVC roof can be – which is particularly important to consider if you plan on using your conservatory as a dining room.

2.   Colder in Winter

Conservatories are well-known for becoming gorgeous sunrooms during the warmer months. However, traditional conservatories with uPVC panelled roofs can drop in temperature during winter. While you can still use them, it’s much colder and heating the area can be expensive because of the lack of insulation.

If this doesn’t sound ideal, you can opt for a conservatory with a tiled roof instead. Typically, these roofs are fully insulated, making it comfortable to lounge in all year round. Plus, you can opt for skylights and panoramic windows with a tiled roof, so it can still feel like a sunroom.

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