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7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Living Space

When it comes to your home space, there will no doubt be times when you wish there was a bit more of it. If things are feeling a bit cramped, then you may be tempted to take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and start throwing things out. However, there are ways to use your living space that allow you to keep your personal things while still making the most of the space you have.

Here are a few things to try in your home.

Choose the Right Furniture – And Use Multifunctional Pieces

Furniture that’s too large for a space will soon dominate it and make the room feel smaller by comparison. Switching to slightly smaller sizes, for example, from a king to a double bed, may only give you a few extra inches, but the room will immediately feel bigger. Swap large bookshelves for fitted shelves and consider using clothes rails instead of wardrobes for a contemporary look. Stools can also work well in the living room, instead of oversized armchairs. Another thing to look out for is multifunctional furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. For instance, sofas that fold into beds, or coffee tables that can be raised and used for dining. This will mean you have less furniture in each room.

Think Vertically

If you want a room to look bigger, you need to draw the eye upwards and avoid using furniture that takes up too much floor space. Choose long, thin bookcases or build shelves close to the ceiling to make your room feel bigger and brighter. Get rid of bulky TV units and mount your television on the wall; as long as the wires are well hidden, it’ll look so much better. Also, avoid any pieces of furniture that are short and horizontal, like cabinets. Another bold move is to use vertical stripes to instantly make it look like you have those covetable high ceilings. Just a subtle stripe in neutrally coloured wallpaper can make a big difference.

Plan Your Layout Carefully

Draw a rough sketch of your room’s shape and then plan where you’ll put the furniture to maximise space. It can be easier to plan on paper than it is to spend hours moving things around. If you’re buying new furniture, look for pieces that complement the space nicely and work with the flow.

Keep It Light

If a room is already small, the worst thing you can do is block out the natural light with a set of dark curtains.  Stick to blinds, which will leave your windowsill free for a few photos for a contemporary look. If you absolutely must have curtains and hate living without them, then choose a neutral colour and have them properly fitted, so they don’t trail on the ground.

Keep It Neutral, but with Statement Pieces

It’s important not to make your room too beige when you’re trying to make the space look bigger. If it looks too cold and sterile, then it’s simply not going to be an enjoyable space. Instead, you should opt for neutral tones, with lots of textures for a luxe feel, then add a couple of statement pieces that focus the eye. For example, a bright accent chair or unique lamp are things that people will see right away, so they won’t be thinking about the size of the room.

Use Lighting Properly

Different types of lighting can be used to draw attention to focal points in a room. Overall, your space needs to be well-lit; otherwise, it’s going to feel claustrophobic. You can then use pieces such as pendant lights over a living area or dining table to mark the different sections of a room. In a small space, stick to wall-mounted lighting where possible, avoiding oversized floor or table lamps.

Add Some Unique Touches

Without a few personal objects on display, your living space will look too much like a show home, and it won’t feel cosy. In small spaces, a few objects on a shelf can brighten up the room and draw attention from its size. Whether it’s family photos or unusual items you picked up while travelling, don’t be afraid to make the space your own.

Whatever the size of your home, you’ll want to make the most out of your living space. A few changes to the design or layout can make a big difference, creating the feel of more space and giving you a place that feels homely.

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